The Cardea coaching programs create an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which our clients can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner. Our programs are a vehicle for assisting people to achieve a higher level of both physical and mental well-being to increase performance and improved levels of self-efficacy.

The Cardea circle of lifestyle

The Cardea Integrated Health team has engineered Eight Key Domains of a Healthy Lifestyle that make up the entire realm of factors we need to be aware of, to help us create healthy habits and behaviours across the entire health and wellbeing continuum.

The Cardea Integrated Health Circle of Lifestyle highlights the key influences within our lives that can impact our ability to create the sustainably achievable, deliciously exuberant health, vibrance and quality of life that we desire.

We will work with you to individualise your program and uncover how these factors may be impacting your health and wellbeing behaviours and habits which in turn can limit your ability to break through the challenges and barriers that limit your health and wellbeing.

The Cardea coaching programs

Our diverse range of programs are designed specifically for you to suit your goals, needs, experience and level of physical and psychological capacity. Within each program you will receive- Initial health assessment and functional analysis,  program guides and documents provided, phone support (business hours), access to all online materials with three monthly review. For personal training we have individual, group and couple rates available only for sunshine coast locals (we prefer face to face)

Health and lifestyle medicine coaching

Our programs are person-centred, and we use an integrated approach across our circle of lifestyle. Everything we do is about the individual and are evidence and behaviour-based to ensure what we do, will be long lasting and impacting for life. Our coaching programs take you on a personal journey to better understand your current health risks factors and how to overcome the challenges, fears and barriers that are impacting your ability to create sustainable change.

High performance and sport specific

We work with athletes of all ages across a range of sports to help prepare them physically and psychologically to be the best they can be on and off the sports field. We design individualised strength and conditioning programs specifically to your sport, your body, and your needs. Nothing is off the shelf and it is catered to you.

Personal training and injury rehabilitation

Our movement and sports specific programs (individual and groups) provide an inspiring, safe and effective platform for you to participate in physical activity programs that will enhance your wellbeing, reduce your injury risk, improve your posture, make you feel physically and psychologically amazing, and sculpt your body to the form that makes you feel confident. Most importantly we empower you and educate you to better understand what you need to do to continue this on your own. Our goals are to help you achieve, while teaching you to eventually be your own trainer.

Corporate health and wellbeing consulting

We provide professional consulting services to organisations wanting to provide evidence and behaviour-based health and wellbeing support for their employees. We provide expert strategic workplace health promotion and lifestyle medicine guidance and advice  to better understand how your organisation may be psychosocially impacting your employees’ abilities to lead healthy lives, and how to best mitigate these impacts.