We get it, leading a healthy lifestyle is becoming more confusing, we seem to have less time and competing demands in our lives, and we are continuously confronted with challenges that impact our ability to create the health we desire. Whether it’s losing a few extra kilograms, setting New Year’s resolutions and health goals that never get achieved, keeping up with the kids’ ridiculous levels of energy or joining the gym with all good intentions of sculpting your body but you never seem to get there. We know what it is like and how frustrating that can be.

The Cardea story

Cardea was the ancient Roman goddess of health, thresholds, and hinged doors. For us, this personifies opportunity, change and new beginnings. We help you cross the threshold of barriers and challenge, and open new doors to the possibilities of creating new levels of health and lifestyle. The threshold is the creation of a new experience, or the beginning of something starting and changing.  Our programs foster the opportunity to create new levels of health that will impact your entire lifestyle.

 The Cardea Integrated Health team provide supportive behaviour and habit-orientated lifestyle medicine guidance to people looking to create positive changes in their life around health. Our programs take you on a journey to empower you to identify, understand and challenge the barriers and fears holding you back or impacting your ability to lead an active or healthy lifestyle.

Our programs’ central focus is around the health habits and behaviours that are formed over our lives. We not only look at the classic areas of health management such as nutrition and exercise to reduce the risk of illness or injury, and to achieve your vision and purpose, (which we will guide you to better understand, identify and connect with) but we look at the things in your life that may be holding you back, (emotional, environmental, social, psychosocial, psychological or physical) creating challenges or road blocks and your personal levels of self-efficacy.

Essentially, we look at why you have not achieved the things you want to achieve in your health, or why your health is where it is. As part of your commitment to our program and to yourself, we will provide you with personalised, evidence and behaviour-based support to guide you through your journey to achieving your vision and goals, increase your self-efficacy in your capacity to execute behaviours to fulfill your purpose.

Cardea coaching values

Cardea Integrated Health has a vision to enable our clients and their community to increase control over, take responsibility for and to improve their health. To reach a manageable state of physical, mental, and social well-being through identifying health risks and realising aspirations to satisfy their personal goals, vision, and purpose, and to better cope with the environment in which they live, play, learn, love, and work.


We continually “walk the talk” with our own well-being in order to be effective in supporting and nurturing the well-being of others. For us to be clear and present with our clients, we focus on knowing ourselves and be constantly aware of the feelings and reactions that arise.

         Safe and sacred space     

We create an environment of safety as it is perceived by the client, with the intention of developing a trusting, connected, and productive health coaching relationship.

     Authentic Communication

We draw from and build upon communication frameworks such as motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and nonviolent communication and synthesize into cohesive summation through deep listening, curious enquiry, perceptive reflections, and silence.

          Mindful presence           

We harness focused, non-judgmental awareness in the present moment. We offer intentional consciousness at multiple levels and show respect to the experiences and viewpoints of others.

Meet your coach

As a former high-level athlete competing both in Australia and overseas, Jason understands the importance of health and wellbeing not only on the sports field to achieve high performance, but in our day to day life to create physical and psychological prowess.

Jason has worked with a large range of organisations, elite and Olympic athletes, communities, individuals, groups, and families in Australia and internationally for over 15 years as a health coach, mentor, corporate health and wellbeing specialist, high performance coach, fitness professional, counsellor and health promotion specialist. 


  • Master of Public Health- Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.
  • Master of Ergonomics and Health.
  • Bachelor of Science- Health and Physical Education.
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Psychology.
  • Certified Health Coach.
  • Certified Workplace Health Promotion Practitioner.
  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach.

“My work focuses on empowering people to make more informed health and lifestyle management decisions. I specialise in human behaviour and habit formation. My passion is guiding and coaching individuals to better understand what they can do to reduce health risk factors and the impact these have on their lives, through better understanding their own habits and behaviours, and the factors that impact decision making.”