Our lifestyle medicine coaching programs take you on a personal journey to better understand your current health risk factors, why your health is where it is, and how to overcome the challenges, fears and barriers that are holding you back.

Cardea coaching program options

Health and lifestyle coaching

Personal training and injury rehabilitation

High performance and sports specific coaching

Workplace health and wellbeing programs

The Cardea vision and purpose

Cardea Integrated Health has a vision to enable our clients and their community to increase control over, take responsibility for and to improve their health. To reach a manageable state of physical, mental, and social well-being through identifying lifestyle and health risks and realising aspirations to satisfy their personal goals, vision, and purpose, and to better cope with the environment in which they live, learn, love, play and work.


This means that everything we do is aligned with the latest health and wellbeing research. What we do isn’t opinion based, it’s based off what is proven by the best research around the world. That way, we know what we deliver will provide the best guidance, which will last for the rest of your life.


We put you first and take it at your pace. Our priority is to keep you safe, and make sure you are comfortable with the process. We focus on helping you find your way. We won’t tell you how to get there, just support you to make the right decisions, and challenge you to confront your fears to break through the barriers holding you back.


Our programs are person- centred. It’s about you. Just as our slogan states, ‘your health, your way’. This means you make the decisions, while we help you navigate and increase your self-efficacy to better understand how your current behaviours, and environments may be impacting your current levels of health. What we talk about, is between us. Nothing leaves our sacred space.


We understand health and wellbeing is impacted by many factors outside of our control. Our programs don’t just look at general healthy eating and physical activity to achieve good health. We combine eight domains across the entire health and wellbeing continuum to ensure we cover all bases. We raise your awareness of how these factors impact you and teach you how to better control them.

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